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Orbitalum GF 790043038 Performance Sawblade Ø 100 for 2.5mm - 5.5mm

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Orbitalum Performance Sawblade Ø 100 Cut Thickness 2.5mm - 5.5mm - For use with Mild & High Alloy Steels (Stainless Steel) 

**Suitable for GF6, RA6, RA8, RA12 and GF20 Machines only

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SKU: 790043038

Genuine Orbitalum saw blade for GF6 RA6 RA8 RA12 & GF20 Machines

• Mild Steel

• Aluminium (AL)

• Copper (CU)

• Copper-Nickel Alloy (CUNI)

• Copper Zinc (CUZN)

• Copper Tin (CUSN)


• Chrome Nickel Steel (V2A & V4A)

• T-300 Stainless Steel (304, 306)

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